VNACHCH stands against racial injustice

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice has for more than a century been devoted to community – not just to our own community but to the global idea of community and what can be accomplished when people align themselves with a mission to do good in the world.

It is with this backdrop that I have truly struggled to put together the right words to express my feelings of sadness and of frustration over the horrific death of George Floyd – the latest of many similar occurrences that shine a growing spotlight on systemic racism in our country.

It’s just as overwhelming to watch the peaceful protests of these events be juxtaposed with violence that is further dividing communities and causing more pain to the people striving for meaningful change in the face of a legacy of trauma.

We must do better. These injustices have been allowed to pervade our society for far too long. Racism and bias have no place in our communities and it is incumbent upon each of us to embody the opposite and to spread compassion to each other.

As a healthcare organization I also know we also cannot close our eyes to the fact that in our industry people of color are statistically disproportionately underserved and this is an area in which we can continue to fight for correction.

I know we can do more – listen more, learn more and advocate more. It is important to me as I hope it is to all of you that we come together in understanding, respect and empathy for what our black community members are feeling at this time and for the experiences and challenges they face every day.

Building a better community is up to us and it must be now.

-Janine Fay, President & CEO