VNACHCH celebrates its nurses


The COVID-19 pandemic gave many a new appreciation for the strength of character and the dedication of healthcare professions. Each year, one week of May is devoted to celebrating the work of nurses in particular, something VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice is and always has been proud to do.

The nonprofit home healthcare agency aims to be beside individuals and their loved ones at every turn along the journey of health. Services range from disease prevention and total wellness programming, to rehabilitating those recovering from surgery or a medical event, supporting those living with a chronic condition, and helping those at the end of their life.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, VNACHCH nurses continued to go out into the homes of patients, helping those at high risk for complications of the virus to remain out of the hospital and at home – the environment where they were most comfortable and where they were safe from potential exposure. The unprecedented circumstances presented unique challenges to providing quality healthcare at home, but the staff diligently addressed all needs and cared for those with and recovering from a COVID-19 diagnosis, as well as all other patients requiring services.

“We pause to pay extra attention each May to celebrating the incredible work of our staff, but certainly our nurses deserve praise all year long,” said VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice President & CEO Janine Fay. “They do tremendous work which was only made all the more noteworthy as they tackled the challenges of the pandemic. They go above and beyond to get to know our patients and treat each person as the individual that they are, whatever their condition and treatment plan may require.”

The agency offers skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy services – including speech, occupational and physical therapies – palliative and hospice care, and a variety of community wellness programs. Its staff specializes in the treatment of those with chronic conditions, such as COPD, Parkinson’s disease and Congestive Heart Failure, and focuses on supporting caregivers in addition to its patients.

Home healthcare nurses have a keen ability to connect to patients and families during often difficult transitional periods of time as people recover from illness or adapt to new diagnoses. The hospice team puts a particular emphasis on the individual as they focus on living at the end of life. With the help of an entire team that also includes social workers and volunteers, the hospice nurses work to identify “every day wishes” to help the people in their care experience maximum quality of life.

From a simple wish such as a favorite meal at home to a more complex wish of a chance to fish off a favorite pier, VNACHCH nurses and staff are committed to making moments count, something that deserves recognition during Nurses Week and always.