VNACHCH works to keep people home for the holidays


Local nonprofit VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice is focused this season and all year round on keeping people at home, where they want to be.

VNACHCH strives to help every person in the 35 communities the agency serves to stay out of the hospital and safe at home while facing a healthcare crisis.

Whether someone is recovering from illness or surgery, living with a chronic condition, or facing the end of their life, VNACHCH is beside them each step of the way. The agency also offers support and resources to caregivers, and wellness opportunities, education and advice to members of the community through clinics and classes.

“Our focus is on ‘Homecare for the Holidays’ as we want to help as many people as possible recover in the place they call home,” said VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice CEO Janine Fay.

The winter months can be particularly challenging for individuals and caregivers feeling isolated as the cold weather limits travel, opportunities for outdoor activities, and can keep friends and family apart.

It’s important for caregivers to focus on their own well-being during the holidays as well as the health of their loved ones. It’s important to remember that holidays don’t need to be perfect – be open to new traditions while holding onto some of the old.

It’s normal to feel sadness and grief as this year comes to a close if you’ve lost a loved one, if a loved one is ill or simply because you’re grieving the experiences lost this year. It’s essential to acknowledge those feelings and reach out to a professional for help if needed.

VNACHCH support groups are free to participants, as are many of the agency’s caregiver network and health and wellness programs. In addition, there are many shortfalls left by decreasing reimbursement rates for home healthcare services. As a nonprofit, the agency accepts donations and asks members of the community to consider supporting its mission during the year-end giving season.

For more information on VNACHCH programs and support groups, click here.