Evidence proves that measuring blood pressure at home and sharing that information with your doctor improves blood pressure control. As part of an effort to improve outcomes for those at risk for diabetes and heart disease, VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice offers a Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure (SMBP) program to aid in the reduction of blood pressure and the prevention or treatment of heart disease.

Our SMBP program provides instruction on how to measure blood pressure at home and keep a diary of readings. For the duration of the program, which is offered both as a short-term 2-week program or a longer 90-day program depending on the needs of the individual, participants are coached by a VNACHCH registered nurse on heart-healthy lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise. Individualized goals are set for each participant.

Program participants receive:

  • Education on how to use SMBP equipment (loaned to the participant by VNACHCH) to measure blood pressure at home
  • Help setting goals that meet each individual’s heart health needs
  • Nurse coaching on heart-healthy lifestyle changes
  • Access to education sessions that offer more comprehensive information on factors that could impact blood pressure
  • Tools needed to work with one’s health care provider on blood pressure management
  • A review of medications with a pharmacist as part of our Medication Therapy Management program (90-day program)

Participants in the 2-week program meet twice weekly with their registered nurse for coaching and to gain a better understanding of how lifestyle choices impact their blood pressure. This program is ideal for individuals who have just been discharged from a hospital or telemonitoring program and want to make sure their blood pressure remains in check, or for those who know they are at risk for high blood pressure, hypertension or heart disease and want to gain a better understanding of their heart health and their blood pressure numbers.

Participants in the 90-day program have regular coaching sessions with their registered nurse and are expected to meet goals for blood pressure reduction set based on the person’s individual needs by the end of the program. Participant’s are expected to work closely with their primary care physician to review blood pressure results as well as medications. This program is ideal for those with diagnosed high blood pressure or uncontrolled high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension or other heart-related conditions, as well as those who feel after the 2-week program they could benefit from longer-term access to nurse coaching.

The participant’s coach will do a monthly check-in to review current blood pressure trends and provide continued coaching for the subsequent three months with a final check-in call six months after the start of the program.

To sign up for the program or for more information, call our Helpline at 866.474.5230.