VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice is Medicare and Medicaid certified and takes most private insurance except for CIGNA. To find out if we accept a specific insurance plan call our Transitional Care Department at 203.458.4275 or toll-free at 866.862.0888.

Most insurance plans provide coverage for home healthcare, including:

  • Medicare Part A covers home care if the patient meets specific eligibility criteria (click here to see a list of these requirements)  There is no copay for Medicare home healthcare.
  • Medicare Advantage plans have authorization rules and may impose limits on the type of care and number of visits provided.
  • Medicaid covers home healthcare but requires prior authorization after initial visits.
  • Commercial Insurance plans provide varying amounts of coverage for home healthcare and many have specific deductibles, copays and service limits.
  • State entitlement programs such as the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders pay for certain home healthcare services.
  • Private pay by patients and family members can continue home healthcare services once insurance coverage has ended or when there is no coverage

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s Insurance Coordinators quickly research insurance coverage status when a patient is referred. A member of our staff will inform patients of estimated out-of-pocket costs. We also recommend that patients call their insurance company to confirm the information that we have been given.