As a leader in home healthcare, an important component of the service we provide is education. Here we compile a sampling of the resources we have available to inform and educate members of the community about the healthcare industry and ways you can take charge of your healthcare journey.

A few resources

A Caregivers Guide to Coordinating Medical Care

Powerpoint presentation on Care Coodination

Personal Health Record

100 Tips for Caregivers from Caregivers

Advice for Caregivers Regarding Dementia Medications

Avoid A Caregiver Crisis

Be Ready to Return Home from the Hospital

Enjoying the Holidays as a Caregiver

How to Prepare for a Medical Visit

How to Start End of Life Conversations

Taking Over Financial Matters for a Loved One

Tips for Heart Health

Top 9 Tips for Caregivers

What to do When Your Relative Shouldn’t be Driving

Will I always feel this bad during the Holiday Season? For the bereaved

The Mourner’s Bill of Rights (All of our bereavement information is available in English and Spanish; call our Helpline at 1.866.474.5230)


Watch our video on seven ways to be your own healthcare advocate.