As a leader in home healthcare, an important component of the service we provide is education. Here we compile a sampling of the resources we have available to inform and educate members of the community about the healthcare industry and ways you can take charge of your healthcare journey.

COVID-19 Resources

Alone Together-14 virtual ways to spend holiday alone

Virtual Grief Support Groups

Celebrating the holidays during COVID-19

Grief and Loss in the Time of COVID-19 (source:

Mental Health Tips For COVID-19

COVID-19 Caregiver Instructions

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

10 Things you can do to manage respiratory symptoms at home – CDC

Caring for someone at home COVID-19 – CDC

Agency on Aging of South Central CT’s Vaccine Buddy Program:

Referral cover sheet

Fillable V.B. client registration


A few resources

Steady Steps Fall Prevention Handout 

Be Ready to Return Home from the Hospital

How to Prepare for a Medical Visit

Ask the Nurse clinics

Act FAST: Know the Symptoms of Stroke, Reduce Your Risk

Tips for Heart Health

Low and High Blood Sugar

What is Blood Pressure

What is Cholesterol

Lifestyle Changes to Improve Cholesterol

12 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Life

Physical Activity in Your Daily Life

PowerPoint presentation on Care Coordination

Personal Health Record

Safety Tips from VNACHCH employees

Flu Vaccine Take Home Facts 2020


Caregiver resources

A Caregivers Guide to Coordinating Medical Care

100 Tips for Caregivers from Caregivers

Advice for Caregivers Regarding Dementia Medications

Avoid A Caregiver Crisis

Enjoying the Holidays as a Caregiver

Taking Over Financial Matters for a Loved One

Top 9 Tips for Caregivers

What to do When Your Relative Shouldn’t be Driving


Hospice & bereavement resources

Understanding Hospice Eligibility

Common Palliative and Hospice Circumstances

Hospice Myths

Hospice Journey Caregiver Tips

Starting the Hospice Conversation Caregiver Tips

Starting the Hospice Conversation Physician Tips

How to Start End of Life Conversations

Will I always feel this bad during the Holiday Season? There is Hope.

The Mourner’s Bill of Rights (All of our bereavement information is available in English and Spanish; call our Helpline at 1.866.474.5230)


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