When life takes an unexpected turn, VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice brings you timely skilled nursing services and extensive community care resources. When you need help, insist on a referral to VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice.

Who we can help

Adults who need medical services at home to recover from a hospital stay, or a severe medical problem.

Adults living with a mental health condition who will benefit from our psychiatric nursing support from behavioral health visiting nurses to help patients stay on track with taking medications, to teach adaptive skills and to offer family support

Mothers, and mothers-to-be, who need in-home monitoring of a high-risk pregnancy or nursing care at home after a delivery

Children who are recovering from surgery or need nursing care for a chronic condition

People who need help with personal care

People who have had a recent cardiac event or new diagnosis, are recovering from heart surgery, living with congestive heart failure or coronary artery disease, or those who have begun taking a new cardiac medication

Who you will meet

Visiting Nurses – A visiting nurse will work with you and your doctor to create a plan of care to meet your personal health needs.  The nurse will arrange a visit with you in your own home.

Home Health Aides – Our home health aides can help with personal care, cleaning and meal preparation to help you recover faster. Services are provided in conjunction with clinical visiting nurses or at-home physical therapy.

How we can help

With help from the VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice team you will:

Maintain Your Independence. VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice works with you and your family caregiver(s) to bring a personalized mobile health center right to your living room. Our expertly trained staff helps you recover quickly and easily at home.

Gain Personal AttentionGet personalized one-on-one care in the privacy of your own home from our team of visiting nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and more. Our home healthcare staff take the time to teach you all the skills you need to take care of serious and complicated illnesses at home.

Improve Your Health. With hospital, rehabilitation stays and medical visits getting shorter all of the time, it has been proven that you are less likely to go back to the hospital if you have home healthcare.  We are here for you and we want to help you succeed!

When you might need help

  • You need medical support at home after a hospital stay
  • You have had a fall
  • You are recovering from an injury
  • You have been put on a new treatment or medication and need to learn how to manage treatment or medication
  • You need help managing severe pain
  • You have had some memory loss and are having trouble keeping your medical care organized
  • You need an injection, wound care or another medical procedure at home
  • Your condition is not stable and your doctor wants a nurse to check on how you are doing
  • You need help taking medications for your mental health condition
  • You are experiencing a high risk pregnancy
  • You have a new baby or sick child and you need instruction and support

How to get help