During the time of social distancing required to slow the spread of COVID-19, we seek to continue to support our community. Although we cannot meet face-to-face, we know the need is great for those experiencing the loss of a loved one or the far-reaching grief associated with the outbreak. One expert, trusted by VNACHCH, is hosting an online grief support group, “Grief, Releasing Pain, Remembering Love & Finding Meaning,” that can be joined here.


The grieving process is unique to each person. It can have emotional and physical impacts and is a journey every person who loses a loved one must face. We are here to make sure you need not face it alone.

As part of an extension of our hospice program, we support the family of our patients for 13 months after their loved one has passed away. We follow up with family members regularly during that time frame through phone calls and mailings offering support and resources. We invite those who are bereaved to take part in our 8-week bereavement support group at Evergreen Woods, called “Comfort in Motion.” Participants take part in this unique and welcoming opportunity to walk and talk in a casual and supportive setting followed by socialization in the “Club Room.”

The group, which is held three times a year, is facilitated by a trained VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice bereavement volunteer. Although our program is designed to support the loved ones of our hospice patients, the group is open to anyone in the public seeking comfort and support.

In addition to our own Comfort in Motion – the only group of its kind in the state – we offer listings for family members of all support groups in the area.

A highlight of our bereavement program is our annual Remembrance Service, a special event that brings together the families of our hospice patients who passed away in the year prior to honor their memory, celebrate their lives and cherish the lasting impact they had on those who loved them and those who were fortunate to care for them in their final days.


What is Grief? The internal experience caused by the death of someone loved.  Normal symptoms are Feelings (Emotions),Physical Sensations, Cognitions (Thoughts) and Behaviors.

What is Mourning?  The outward expression of grief and bereavement.(Memorials, gatherings, rituals, etc.)

What is Bereavement? The physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual state caused by the death of someone loved.



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