As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, all of our programs held in our Guilford Wellness Center and in the community are temporarily cancelled. Read below to learn more about the fall prevention programs and support that we offer. For information about how preventing falls can be beneficial during this pandemic, click here.

For our Steady Steps Fall Prevention handout that includes information on how to prevent falls and exercises that are proven to improve balance, click here.

Our award winning fall risk reduction program reduces fall related hospitalizations and ER visits with community, at-home and outpatient fall risk assessment and personalized interventions and exercise programs.

According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, falls are the leading cause of accidental injury for residents 55 years and older, yet falls are one of the most preventable health problems. VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s Steady Steps program can help reduce the incidence and negative impact of falls. Of our participants, 85 percent lowered their risk of falls, improved balance and learned how to prevent falls from occurring.

Funded by a grant from the Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention and Yale University School of Medicine through the Department of Aging , our Steady Steps program is based on research by experts from both.

Who we can help

Our program is led by a team of nurses, physical therapists and certified instructors. People who may benefit include:

  • Anyone who has fallen, is at risk for falls or otherwise concerned about home safety
  • People over the age of 55
  • Those who have noticed a decline in their physical  mobility or changes in balance
  • Individuals taking more than 4 prescription  medications
  • People with physical and sensory deficits, like visual impairments, hearing deficits or foot problems
  • People with a chronic illness

What the program includes

Our team is dedicated to preventing falls by offering:

  • Convenient screenings available in the home or community setting
  • Assessment of risks for falls and development of a personalized plan
  • Assessment of home safety hazards and offering  recommendations to keep you living safely at home
  • A complete balance assessment, blood pressure evaluation and medication review
  • We show participants how to get up from a fall and teach simple balance exercises
  • Steady Steps incorporates evidence based programs taught by certified instructors and tailored to meet each participant’s fitness and ability level including sitercize, Exercise for Better Balance and Tai Chi

For dates and times of Steady Steps programs, click here.