Transitions are difficult for anyone to make, though they can be most challenging for older adults who must move into a new environment. VNA Community Healthcare & Hospiceā€™s specialized rehabilitation therapists partner with assisted living facilities to ensure that new residents avoid falls and safely adjust to their new home.

Research shows that the incidence of falls is highest during the first week an older adult moves into a new environment. VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice helps to minimize the risk. We are the top choice home healthcare agency for major hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and medical offices to help individuals ensure their well-being and safety navigating new surroundings.

Services include:

  • Functional mobility assessment initiated within 48 hours of move in
  • Assessment of aspects of daily living with residents to ensure they are safe in their new surroundings
  • Creation of anĀ individualized care plan to meet your unique needs
  • The New Beginnings program is covered by Medicare and other managed Medicare plans

With a track record of low hospital readmission rates, we are specialists in fall prevention. We offer an award-winning fall prevention program, funded by a grant from the Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention at Yale University School of Medicine through the Connecticut State Department of Aging.