VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s experienced pediatric nurses make home visits for those times when extra support or care is needed.

Who we can help

  • Parents who are caring for a child with a chronic condition, such as cancer, diabetes or cerebral palsy
  • Parents who need information on how to safely administer medications or provide tube feedings
  • Parents who need help after a child has surgery or with wound care, injections, asthma education or treatment

Your child’s doctor will give us medical orders and oversee your child’s home healthcare. Our nurses update the doctor on the child’s condition and work with him or her to change the treatment plan, as needed.

How we can help

Working with your regular visiting nurse, you will create a plan of care to meet your child’s personal health needs. Your plan will include regular nursing visits to:

  • Assess how your child is recovering after surgery and do wound care if needed
  • Evaluate how the child is responding to changes in medication
  • Show you how to administer medications, tube feedings, suppositories
  • Evaluate your child’s growth and development
  • Provide treatments such as use of inhalers, chest percussion or teach you how to do them
  • Coordinate with other service providers, such as the Birth to Three program

Who you will meet

Your visiting nurse may also bring in other professionals to help you: