VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s behavioral health registered nurses collaborate closely with you, your family and your entire treatment team, including psychiatrists, counselors, social workers and other mental health support agencies. We utilize the recovery model to help you achieve your optimal level of functioning, breaking down the process into small, achievable goals so that you can have success and can build on that success.

Who we can help

  • Those who have unstable symptoms
  • Those who are confused about their medications
  • Those who are taking medications that require observation for efficacy and side effects
  • Those who have a history of non-adherence
  • Those who have a history of medication seeking or medication abuse
  • Those who have a coexisting chronic illness, such as diabetes or heart disease

How we can help

A physician must sign orders for home healthcare and the patient or conservator must agree to home healthcare services. We provide a comprehensive home assessment and care planning, addressing mental health and physical needs.

We are available for visits seven days a week, plus 24-hour phone coverage. Our intake department is staffed by experienced RNs for triage services. Our VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice team with specialized psychiatric and medical expertise will:

  • Ensure medication compliance and safe administration
  • Administer medication up to two times daily
  • Facilitate coping skills and care plan follow-up
  • Help reduce hospitalizations and increase access to services
  • Assist with hygiene and activities of daily living
  • Provide you with medication utilization lock boxes
  • Provide comprehensive in-home assessment and care planning, addressing mental and physical health comorbidities
  • Collaborate on an ongoing basis with other mental health providers, physicians, pharmacies and hospitals
  • Offer behavioral health care specific to geriatric cases┬áto manage and assess behavioral and cognitive changes