“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” – Nelson Henderson

If you want to support our mission, but feel your means to donate today are limited, a bequest is an ideal way to create a charitable legacy and allow yourself to give more than you thought possible when considering only your disposable means today. It’s simple to name a charity as a beneficiary in your will, revocable trust or other asset through your financial and estate plans, you retain the power to revoke the bequest or change the use of the charitable gift, and you can feel good about knowing you’ll have helped to continue a legacy of caring begun by VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice a century ago.

Bequests or charitable estate gifts are a wonderful way for you to provide for your family and a charity of choice, like VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice, after you’re gone.

You can make a bequest to VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice by including language in your will or living trust leaving a portion of your estate to the agency, or by designating VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy. It is important to retain an attorney to assist in this process.

Your bequest will:

  • Help VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice continue its mission
  • Give you control of your funds or property during your lifetime – it can be changed at any time
  • Reduce estate taxes
  • Enable you, if you let us know of your plans, to be celebrated, recognized and honored for your contribution

Download our Sample Bequest Language here.

If you have decided to include VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice in your estate plans, we would like to show you our appreciation by including you as a member of our honorary society, Legacy of Care.

We want to make sure that your legacy gift is used as you intended.  To recognize and thank you for your generosity and planning we will send you a certificate of appreciation and letter from Janine Fay, our president & CEO.  We will also host an annual event to recognize and honor you and other members of our Legacy of Care.

You will also be recognized as a member of  our Legacy of Care in our annual report that sites our donors.  As a member of our Legacy of Care, you will receive timely information, tips, and ongoing information about our services and healthcare trends.

Please notify us of your intent by submitting to us this Charitable Bequest Intent Form. The form can be submitted to our development office by contacting Kassandra Hernandez at khernandez@vna-commh.org. The form is for informational purposes only. Your estate is not legally bound by submitting this statement. Your intentions remain revocable and can be modified at any time. This information will be held in strict confidence.

We’ve been fortunate to receive charitable bequests in recent years that have had a lasting impact on our ability to care for our patients and the community. Our relationship with those who’ve chosen to give has been different each time – whether we met these individuals by providing them healthcare at home or through our community programs – but the result of their gift is the same. Their generosity flows through to our ability to provide the highest quality of healthcare and the most comprehensive services to benefit the loved ones of the patients we serve and the community at large. The hope for the future of home healthcare that their gift provides is reflected on the faces of every patient, every exercise class member and every caregiver who has realized they need not feel alone.

If you’ve felt the peace of mind that our services can bring, make plans today to join us and leave a legacy to pay it forward. 

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