Have questions about a potential referral? Our seasoned Transitional Care Registered Nurses will talk you through the case to see if a home healthcare referral is appropriate.

Patients who have had a recent change in their health status often need help to learn self-care and to recover. Home healthcare from VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice can help. Call us 866.862.0888 to refer patients with these health challenges:

  • Recent discharge from a hospital, rehabilitation facility or nursing home
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Frail, falling, forgetful senior whose physical and/or mental condition has recently declined
  • Medication management problems
  • Had a fall or other injury and needs rehabilitation at home
  • Needs injections or other medical procedures at home
  • A change in condition, medications or treatment that requires monitoring and teaching
  • Pain management
  • Palliative care for a serious, ongoing illness
  • A new baby or babies
  • A behavioral health patient needing medication administration

Some examples of patients who can benefit from home healthcare:

  • A patient with a non-healing decubitus ulcer needing wound care
  • A 75 year-old man with Parkinson’s Disease is falling frequently
  • A heart failure patient needing education about taking medications, diet and vital sign telemonitoring
  • A brittle diabetic has had a change in her treatment plan and needs close monitoring
  • A joint replacement patient needs home rehabilitation
  • A patient with end stage cancer wants to stop aggressive treatment and have palliative care
  • A patient with worsening COPD needs to learn energy conservation, pursed lip breathing and the proper use of an inhaler
  • An older mother is bringing home her premature triplets who need regular medical monitoring
  • A young patient with schizophrenia needs a nurse to administer his psychiatric medications to avoid a hospital readmission