COVID-19 Vaccination Update

As COVID-19 and its variants remain a continued threat to our health, we as a healthcare agency must do our part to ensure the safety of our workforce, our patients and our community. To that end, we will be mandating the COVID-19 vaccine (Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer or Moderna) for all employees (including fully remote), contract employees, and volunteers by October 31, 2021 as a condition of employment. If you are receiving the two dose vaccine, the second dose must be received by October 31, 2021.

Text your zip code to 438829 and you will get a response if local vaccination sites. Or see or call 1-800-232-0233

Please view the forms below:

These forms can also be located on Group Shares>HR FORMS>COVID-19 Vaccination Information. Additional information about the vaccine can be found here:

Local vaccination sites can be found at or text your zip code to 438829 (very helpful tool).



Our procedures regarding the collection of COVID-19 employee data have changed so please carefully read the following:

  • If you are planning on getting the vaccine, please send a copy of your vaccination card when fully vaccinated by the stated deadline to
  • If you are requesting a medical or religious exemption, you must apply for the exemption by completing one of the attached forms (note that the medical exemption will require an MD signature).  Any prior declination form you signed for an exemption to the vaccine is no longer valid- you must apply and be approved for a religious or medical exemption.
    • Please note that all accommodation requests should be received no later than October 15, 2021.
    • Please send all completed accommodation requests to or fax to 203-689-4414.


If your exemption is approved, the following safety protocols must be followed (please note these are subject to change according to agency, local, state and federal policy):

  • You must wear a surgical mask (supplied by Agency)in the field and in the office;
  • You must maintain a social distance of 6 feet or more in the office;
  • Direct patient contact employees and volunteers must follow current clinical PPE protocol as issued on June 1, 2021.
  • If you test positive or have a close contact exposure (all exposures should continue to be reported to Laurie Rockwell), you must follow current agency COVID-19 isolation and/or quarantine protocols;
  • You may have limited access to certain spaces or events.
  • All unvaccinated employees must test weekly and submit their negative test results to If you are a remote worker, you must test and provide proof of a negative test result 7 days prior to coming into any of our offices.

If you are unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccination by the stated dates, and you do not have an approved medical or religious accommodation exemption, you will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

If you are required to submit weekly COVID tests results, please submit the results to your manager and to for tracking purposes.

Should you have any questions, please contact Robyn Westerkamp, Janine Fay, or Laurie Rockwell.


COVID-19 Out of State Travel Policy

Out of State Travel Policy 10.18.21


Employee Flu Clinics

VNACHCH requires that ALL direct patient care staff receive an annual influenza vaccination by December 31st – compliance is mandatory. To track employee vaccinations, all direct patient care staff must fill out the form below and return it to the drop box at the front desk of the Guilford office or email a copy of this form to Employees who do not provide direct patient care are asked to participate as well.

VNACHC policy adheres to CDC guidelines, thus direct patient care staff that does not receive the flu vaccine for religious, philosophical, or medical reasons, will be required to properly wear a protective surgical mask over their mouth and nose when within 6 feet of any patient and when entering a patient’s house/room during the influenza season.

2021Immunization Verification Form- Employee


Employee Referral Bonus Program

Employee referrals for new hires are the best referrals! We have a $3,000 referral bonus if you refer, and we hire, a full-time RN. Details can be found on the document below.



Do you want to create meaningful moments in the lives of others?

We are looking for volunteers! We offer a variety of hospice volunteer options, including: patient companion/caregiver respite, relaxation therapies, pet therapy, art & music, spiritual support, bereavement, administrative support and vigil support. If you are interested in knowing more about the rewarding experience of volunteering for our hospice program, please contact Jo Ann Begley at 203-458-5950 or



Paid Family and Medical Leave

There is a new payroll deduction which will be required by the State of Connecticut beginning this coming January (2021).  You may know that last year, Connecticut passed a new Paid Family and Medical Leave Law.  This law requires a deduction of ½ of 1% from everyone’s earnings, including from temporary, part-time, and seasonal employees.  Deductions must begin on January 1st, 2021. Paid leave benefits will begin in January 2022.



Prescription Information

RxSaver is a website and mobile app that makes comparison shopping for medication very simple. Just enter the name and dose of your medication along with your zip code, and RxSaver will show a list of current pricing at local pharmacies.

Best of all, RxSaver is a service that you can use whether you have health insurance through VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice or not.

Once RxSaver tells you what’s available in the marketplace for your medication, you simply select the best coupon price from the available options. Then there are two ways to redeem your savings:

  1. Print out a coupon for the price you see and bring it to the pharmacy.
  2. Show the coupon on your phone to pharmacy staff.

If you are interested in pricing your medication through RxSaver, click on the link below. You’ll need the Client Code: VNANE



Agency Benefit Reward

In 2021, we would like to reward those on our insurance who receive a routine physical with PCP, routine eye exam, routine mammogram, routine colonoscopy, or a routine prostate cancer check by issuing a $25.00 Amazon gift card to all participants and their dependents, who are on our plan, and have any of the above mentioned routine exams.  To receive your gift card, simply have your physician complete and sign the form below.

Proof of Preventive Care



OSHA and Regulatory Annual Update

Click on the links below to review the competency for the professional staff to print the competency to complete to return to your manager.

OSHA and Regulatory Annual Update_2021

OSHA Competency 2021



Trust TeleCare

Trust TeleCare is a program provided by the Worker’s Compensation Trust that provides tele-triage services for injured workers through a company called Medcor.  With over 200 locations nationwide, Medcor provides immediate information and injury assessment 24/7/365 via the telephone.

Click on the links below to learn more:


WC Guidelines Treatment Centers – 5.21.19


EAP Benefit Program

As a gentle reminder, we have two Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) available for VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice employees.

EAP programs are designed to identify and assist you in resolving personal problems, such as marital, financial, health, emotional, family issues, or substance/alcohol abuse that may be affecting your work performance.

Click on the links below to learn more:

EAP with Cigna for employees with Life insurance

EAP 2020

Women & Family Life Center



Did you know?

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice has a toll free helpline 1.866.474.5230 that you or your patients can call to get community resources.

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. or leave a message.



Sexual Harassment Law

Sexual Harassment Poster