Give from your heart to help our staff and click to buy a heart to help our heroes!

All donations will go toward our comprehensive campaign – We Are Stronger With You: The Campaign for VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice – in an effort to help defray the costs of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Buy a heart for $25

1 heart: This donation could cover the cost of one disposable stethescope to help our staff protect themselves and other patients from virus transmission

2 hearts: This donation could cover the cost of one no-touch thermometer

5 hearts: This donation could buy five pulse oximeters to help recovering COVID-19 patients work to improve their lung capacity

10 hearts: This donation could buy four disposable blood pressure cuffs to decrease the likelihood of virus transmission

Our operational costs have not changed despite the revenue loss we are experiencing as a result of the pandemic and so we look to our donors to support our nonprofit mission so we can sustain operations now and be sure we can continue our valuable offerings once life begins to return to normal.

To learn more about the work our team is doing to combat the COVID-19 crisis, visit our campaign page. For resources on how you can stay safe and care for your loved ones during this time, click here.