Ask the Nurse clinics help to ease healthcare journey stress

Managing a chronic illness, making healthy lifestyle changes as a preventative measure, or having unanswered questions about your health can be a stressful experience, but VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice is working to help patients and caregivers to make things easier.

Many people often leave the doctor’s office and quickly think of questions they forgot to ask or realize they have follow-up concerns regarding the treatment or medications prescribed during their time in the exam room. Others may be told they are at risk for developing heart disease or diabetes, but remain uncertain about what to do next. Others still may be living with a chronic condition, knowing their quality of life is not what it could be.

In addition to offering standard checks of things such as blood pressure, pulse and weight, VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice nurses are available at regular Ask the Nurse clinics throughout the community to help patients set healthy lifestyle goals and prepare for upcoming physician’s visits.

“Taking care of your health should be a priority, but we know everyone needs help sometimes to stay focused and to learn more about what they can be doing to live their healthiest life,” said VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice Health Promotions Supervisor Chris Corsi. “Our nurses are available to help you navigate whatever questions and concerns you might be having and make an action plan so you feel confident in working toward your health-related goals.”

Along with Ask the Nurse clinics, where a nurse can help individuals prepare for appointments, VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice offers health screenings and a variety of wellness education programs, health and fitness classes and other community events.

Offerings include Dodge Diabetes, a Group Lifestyle Balance Program™, and Better Beats Heart Disease Prevention, a self-monitored blood pressure program which offers both 2-week and 90-day sessions aimed at helping those at risk for developing heart disease or those with diagnosed high blood pressure, uncontrolled high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension or other heart-related condition to aid in the reduction of blood pressure and the prevention or treatment of heart disease. Participants in both programs receive regular nurse coaching, education, and help setting individualized goals.

The nonprofit agency also offers chronic disease management programs for those living with conditions such as COPD, Chronic Heart Failure and Parkinson’s disease.

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