VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s mission is to promote and preserve the health, safety, dignity and independence of individuals and families by providing therapeutic and preventive healthcare services in their place of residence and in the community.

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice, the original visiting nurse associations of Branford, Guilford, Hamden, North Haven and Madison has been providing healthcare at home and in the community since 1910. VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s longevity and progress has helped create a healthier community throughout the 35 towns the nonprofit home healthcare agency now serves.

In the days of our founders, top priorities were improving sanitation in homes, assisting with home births and controlling childhood epidemics such as measles, chickenpox and mumps. Most families did not have a regular physician so when a child was ill and absent from school, it was up to the visiting nurse to determine when the child could return to class. In partnership with the local medical directors, the visiting nurses held well-child clinics in the schools. The clinics included hearing tests, dental hygiene and vaccinations. The nurses worked closely with the entire family unit and believed family involvement was crucial to improving sanitation, nutrition and overall health.

The coming of Medicare in the 1960s changed much of VNA Community Healthcare& Hospice’s focus to the healthcare of older adults, however we still provide pediatric, newborn and maternal health care. Today the home healthcare agency continues to work with this population on public health issues, such as flu vaccinations and preventing falls. A primary focus is teaching patients how to manage chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s at home.

Families are also still very important to VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice. The Family Caregiver Support Network provides many free services for those caring for an ill or aging loved one, adhering to our founders’ belief that a strong family unit benefits both the patient and the community at large.

Our Leadership

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice is grateful to the individuals who give of their time and expertise.

Board Chair David Cowan
Vice Chair Bradley Kronstat
Treasurer David Brown
Secretary Dr. Louise-Marie Dembry

Will Cushing
Atty. Aaron Hershman
Dr. Gerard Kerins
Christian McNamara
Robert Paolucci
Sally R. Rinaldi, RN
Brian K. Sawchuk, DDS
Steven Supernaugh
Diane Vorio

Senior Management

Janine Fay, President and CEO

John MacDonald, CFO

Robyn Westerkamp, VP, Director of Human Resources

Barbara Katz, VP, Director of Clinical Program Development

Laurie Rockwell, VP, Quality Management and Education

Guy Tommasi, Director of LIFETIME Care at Home


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