Will I always feel this bad during the Holiday Season?

There is Hope

It is easy to understand why grief during the holiday season and special occasions is so hard. You are grieving a relationship that has died and the loss of a shared holiday with a special person.  How you celebrate is forever changed.

The sights and sounds of the coming holidays are a constant reminder of your life changed. At times, “griefbursts”, a power surge of grief, may come out of nowhere. You may feel a disconnection from people, places and the happenings of the season.  Even in the midst of a crowd you may feel more isolated & lonely, as if floating alone on your own island of grief. You may reflect longingly to the past yearning for the return to the way it was, not in the reality of what is.  Your world and its traditions, holidays and life are changed forever.  What can you do in this world that’s called a “new normal”?

Click here for: 22 tips to help make the holiday season a little easier on you and perhaps more meaningful.   These are just some ideas to guide you at this difficult time of the year. In time, you may add or remove items or perhaps develop your own list of things that have worked for you. This list is a compilation of my personal grief experiences and professional resources.