Need help with moving around and taking care of everyday activities? VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s physical therapists work with you in your own home. Call us for physical therapy when you:

  • Have fallen or had an injury or joint replacement surgery
  • Have an ongoing medical condition that has gotten worse, such as chronic heart failure or breathing problems, Parkinson’s disease or diabetes
  • Are in temporary or long time pain
  • Are dealing with weakness or poor balance after a stroke or other medical event.
  • Could benefit from a home safety check to identify areas that may increase your risk of falling
  • Need to learn exercises that you will eventually be able to do on your own

Your doctor will give us medical orders and oversee your care. Our therapists update your doctor on your condition and work with him or her to change your treatment plan, as needed.

Working with your physical therapist, you will create a “plan of care” to meet your personal health needs. Your plan will include regular therapy visits to:

  • Teach you exercises to improve your flexibility
  • Provide activities to increase, then maintain, your strength, balance and endurance
  • Help control pain by modifying your activities

You may need assistive devices such as crutches, canes or walkers. Your therapist will train you and your caregivers to use prescribed equipment for the best results.

Your visiting therapist may also bring in other professionals to help you:

  • Home health aide to assist you with activities such as bathing, dressing, walking, cooking, and eating.
  • Social worker to help you and your family caregivers cope with your illness or find community resources

You have the option of continuing therapeutic activities after your home health care discharge by joining one of VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s group classes in the community. Also, by offering the widest range of community educational programs, support groups and written and online resources, VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice helps you stay well and informed about your health options.