VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s psychiatric nurses are highly experienced with strong backgrounds in both psychiatric and medical nursing. A number of our staff have masters degrees and several are APRNs (Advance Practice Registered Nurses). We provide patients with support and structure, help them take their medications properly and promote the stability necessary for independent living. Call us for psychiatric nursing care when you:

  • come home from a hospital or rehab facility and need ongoing treatment
  • are struggling to take your medications regularly
  • are also coping with diabetes, obesity, cardiac or other physical health problems
  • need help with developing coping and adaptive life skills

Your doctor or psychiatrist will give us medical orders and oversee your care. Our nurses update your doctor on your condition and work with him or her to change your treatment plan, as needed.

Working with your nurse, you will create a “plan of care” to meet your personal mental and physical health needs. Your plan will include regular nursing visits to:

  • administer your medications, as often as twice daily
  • assist with other health problems, including diabetes and obesity
  • recommend therapy programs to overcome addictions, including substance abuse, gambling and alcoholism

Your visiting nurse may also bring in other professionals to help you: