Are you, or a family member, seeking to improve the quality of your life while dealing with a chronic or serious illness? VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice has a palliative team of nurses, social workers, therapists and home health aides who focus on relieving symptoms and reducing pain.

A patient does not have to be dying or have a limited life expectancy to get palliative care. It can be provided at any stage of a serious illness. Patients who choose palliative care keep their regular Medicare benefits and they can still get active treatment for their illness. Call us for palliative care when you:

  • Want to change the focus of your care from aggressive treatment to a better quality of life
  • Are experiencing chronic pain that is affecting your life
  • Experience a loss of appetite, inability to move around freely or confusion about treatment plans
  • Are starting to think about your end-of- life wishes

Your doctor will give us medical orders and oversee your care. Our nurses update your doctor on your condition and work with him or her to change your treatment plan, as needed.

Working with your team, you will create a “plan of care” to meet your personal health needs and wishes. Your plan will include regular team visits to:

  • Teach you exercises and positioning to improve comfort and your ability to do regular activities
  • Give advice on diet changes to improve nutrition and help you enjoy food
  • Show breathing techniques to reduce shortness of breath and manage stress
  • Provide social work counseling to help you cope with your illness
  • Teach advanced pain management using medications, types of massage or alternative therapies like Reiki or visualization