VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s experienced team of visiting nurses bring a personalized “mobile health center” right to your home. Call us for visiting nurse services at home when you:

  • Have been discharged from the hospital and need medical help at home
  • Need to have your medical condition checked on a regular basis
  • Are recovering from surgery
  • Have an order from your doctor for a medical procedure at home
  • Can benefit from learning about a medical condition that has gotten worse
  • Are falling frequently
  • Have had one or more babies who need health support
  • Have a child with an acute or chronic illness
  • Are having problems managing medications for your mental health condition

Your doctor will give us medical orders and oversee your care. Our nurses update your doctor on your condition and work with him or her to change your treatment plan, as needed.

Working with your visiting nurse, you will create a “plan of care” to meet your personal health needs. Your plan will include regular nursing visits to:

  • Teach you and your family about your condition and medications
  • Help you with following a special diet
  • Show you techniques to help you manage pain
  • Teach you medical procedures such as giving injections or how to use medical equipment
  • Care for a wound
  • Give you medications for a mental health condition
  • Teach you how to care for a new baby or sick child

Your visiting nurse may also bring in other professionals to help you: