VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice invites you to work with us to achieve better health outcomes. We collaborate with individual health professionals and referral sources, as well as community organizations, universities and payers. Our partnerships focus on lowering healthcare costs, enhancing patient experience and improving outcomes. Our partnerships take many forms:

  • Educational sessions and resource materials for individual professionals (click here for individual professional resources)
  • Contracts with health systems, insurers and Accountable Care Organizations (click here a link to this section
  • Clinical collaborations with hospitals, medical groups and skilled nursing facilities to reduce readmissions and improve outcomes. Click here for our brochure on improving outcomes.
  • Collaborations with colleges and universities for student clinical experiences

Not sure how VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice can help you or your organization? Contact Barbara Katz, RN, MSN, Director of Clinical Program Development to discuss ideas. (email or click to call 203.458.4232.)

Innovation at VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice is a local leader in innovative population and community health programs that range from health literacy to fall risk to family caregiver support and education. Click here for more in-depth information about our innovation projects.