Help for Family Caregivers

Help For Family Caregivers

Eleven years ago, VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice created a unique program to address a growing need in our community: helping family caregivers cope wSocial Workith the stress, burnout and health risks associated with caring for an ill or aging loved one. Since then the Family Caregiver Support Network has helped thousands of family caregivers through phone support, private consultation, support groups, educational and wellness programs.

Family Caregiver Consultations: An experienced eldercare professional meets privately (in person or by phone) with individuals facing a family health care or safety crisis.
Helpline: Caring, supportive listening, and tips for family caregivers, plus information and referral to community resources (1.866.474.5230, toll-free).
Family Caregiver Support Groups: Groups meet monthly in North Haven, Hamden, Guilford and Madison. A weekly walking support group is held in North Branford.

What to Expect During a Family Caregiver Consultation

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s Family Caregiver Support Network’s Eldercare Professionals will listen to your concerns and discuss specific caregiving questions, struggles and stresses. These consultations are done either in person or over the phone; issues such as entitlement programs and benefits; how to take the keys away from a parent; or installing safety equipment around the home may be discussed. Family Caregivers develop a plan and are offered guidance for their specific concerns.

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s Family Caregiver Support Network is a free service, supported by individual donations and grants, for those in the community who are caring for ill or frail family members.


For more information call VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice’s toll-free Helpline (1.866.474.5230) or email.