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Have you ever wondered how or why VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice gives thousands of flu shots, holds hundreds of wellness classes, offers countless health screenings, gives hundreds of
family caregiver support and delivers healthcare to thousands of people at home?

We do it because we strive to empower you, our patients and their families, to live a better quality of life. We do it because people need us, and now, we need your ongoing support. As a charitable organization we can’t do it alone. We need supporter and donors, like you, to make a real difference in the lives of our patients,
from newborns to elders.

People like Kiki, an 11 year old girl whose body has been fighting itself for over a year. She was diagnosed with Lupus, a disease that affects the immune system causing antibodies to fight healthy, normal cells, not just infections. When the disease was finally diagnosed, Kiki was extremely sick– her kidneys were shutting down, she had chronic back pain and her lungs were unable to deliver enough oxygen to her body. She was hospitalized for a month and missed many months of school.

After she was discharged, services were coordinated with our agency and Sue Brinigar became her nurse, to help the family organize her 16 medications, monitor her vitals and manage her blood pressure.

“Thankfully she is in remission and is feeling good… we love her so much we all want her to be healthy… what else is there?” comments Eva, Kiki’s grandmother.

Kiki is now back at school and is down to just 10 medications a day.

Sue visits her weekly and adds, “Kiki’s health is stable and we will all be working together to make sure she stays a happy, healthy child.”

Please join our team of supporters so we can be there for the hundreds of other Kiki’s out there suffering and thousands of older adults who just need the right care in place to help them achieve a better quality of life.

Won’t you continue to be part of our crusade to help our current and future patients? Your support will make positive changes in your community. Our patients and staff thank you. You mean so much to so many that you’ll never meet. That is powerful… that is selfless… that is truly being part of your community.